Bauder PIR Kompaktdach is a flat roof system in which the
waterproofing layers and the thermal insulation material are compactly bonded to one another and to the sublayer.

Technical data:
Application areasTapered or non-tapered insulation system which is not susceptible to water underrun
DescriptionFlat roof insulation panels with no facing (tapered)
DesignFlat or tapered panels
Panel size600 x 600 mm
upper side with taper, or flat panel
Reaction to fireClass E acc. to DIN EN 13501
B2 acc. to DIN 4102-1
Compressive strength150 kPa (0.15 N/mm2)
Thermal conductivity (D)
0.028 (<80 mm)
0.027 (80 mm)
0.026 (120 mm)
Thermal conductivity (EU)0.027 (<80 mm)
0.026 (80 mm)
0.025 (120 mm)
PIR index>250
Application typeDAA ds DAA dh; DEO dh
  More detailed information can be found in the product overview and/or product data sheet.
BauderPIR KOMPAKT tapered, valley and roof hip panels
Tapered panels9612 0040
Valley panels (600 x 600 mm) 9612 3040
Roof hip panels (600 x 600 mm)9612 5040